Festival de la Cité de Lausanne (CH)

Hell Oh My Fuck Yeah, La Suisse! Together with e.g. Elektro Guzzi, Spoek Mathambo and Housse de Racket, I will be trashing the city centre of Lausanne in Switserland on July 13 at the Festival de la Cité! SACRIFICE FOR PARTYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY, RRROOOOAAAAAARRR! Méfiez-vous, je viens!


Bread & Butter in Berlin (DE)

I'd like to call it Bread & Beer in the trash capital of Europe, but I guess the organisation of the Bread & Butter Festival already made up there mind. It's a tradeshow for selected brands and of course they couldn't deny the shear force of the Capacocha-brand. Together with other names as 2 Many DJ's and Fuerza Bruta I'll be trashing the old Tempelhof Airport on January 19! And since I'll be in Berlin anyway, I'll also start a Blitzkrieg in White Trash on Jan. 18 and do an after at Bjorn's on Jan. 20!

Und hüte dich, weil ALLES GEHT LOS!


Transmusicales de Rennes (FR)

Whoopie, today I got a spot confirmed at the famous showcase festival Transmusicales de Rennes in France. So watch out, cause Capa is going South. I'll be sharing the stage with e.g Vinnie Who and Lewis Floyd Henry on December 1st. Hell yeah baby, that's bound to become an awesome night! Looking forward already! Attend, je viens!


Reeperbahn Festival, Hamburg (DE)

Hell yeah, Capa is going to trash the Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg on saturday September 24th. I'll be rocking the shit out on top of the Converse double-deck bus, which will be driving the VIPS over the Reeperbahn itself. Hope it's going to be a blast, cause I just cancelled a 4-day trip to Scotland for it. So, let's make this happeeeeeeeeeeeeeen and see you on the Hamburg-streets! RRROOOOAAAARRRRRRR!



Two weeks ago Capacocha was asked by mediacompany McGyver to come and rock/trash a taxi. We noticed that this was not all without problems when the police stopped us and told it was not allowed to be on the backseat without seatbelts. Doh, how are we gonna have a video of Capacocha when he's fixed to a backseat? We explained them they didn't understand the nature of Capa and recorded this video:


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