Festival de la Cité de Lausanne (CH)

Hell Oh My Fuck Yeah, La Suisse! Together with e.g. Elektro Guzzi, Spoek Mathambo and Housse de Racket, I will be trashing the city centre of Lausanne in Switserland on July 13 at the Festival de la Cité! SACRIFICE FOR PARTYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY, RRROOOOAAAAAARRR! Méfiez-vous, je viens!


Bread & Butter in Berlin (DE)

I'd like to call it Bread & Beer in the trash capital of Europe, but I guess the organisation of the Bread & Butter Festival already made up there mind. It's a tradeshow for selected brands and of course they couldn't deny the shear force of the Capacocha-brand. Together with other names as 2 Many DJ's and Fuerza Bruta I'll be trashing the old Tempelhof Airport on January 19! And since I'll be in Berlin anyway, I'll also start a Blitzkrieg in White Trash on Jan. 18 and do an after at Bjorn's on Jan. 20!

Und hüte dich, weil ALLES GEHT LOS!


Transmusicales de Rennes (FR)

Whoopie, today I got a spot confirmed at the famous showcase festival Transmusicales de Rennes in France. So watch out, cause Capa is going South. I'll be sharing the stage with e.g